Whole Fruit Anytime Margarita

Whole Fruit Anytime Margarita
I love a good frozen drink and this has been my go-to margarita recipe since I bought my vitamix. Since it has the whole fruit you are getting the fiber of the fruit making it at least a little healthier! I love making these when we have people over. They are always enjoyed and we go through several pitchers of this golden liquid. The chambord makes a stunning presentation and also adds a lovely raspberry flavor, but can easily be left out. I find that these are so much simpler to make compared to a standard margarita where you have to juice the citrus. I make them for just my husband and myself also. We love to sit on the patio with one of these drinks in our hand watching the kids play in the yard. With summer now here I know that we will have many evenings filled with our favorite dips, nachos, tacos, rice and these margaritas!

Whole Fruit Anytime Margarita Whole Fruit Anytime Margarita

Whole Fruit Anytime Margarita
Serves 2-3

6 Oz Tequila
2 Oz Grand Marnier
4-6 Tablespoons Sugar (I prefer 4 but use 6 with company)
1 Orange, peeled and seeded
1 Lime, peeled and seeded
1 Lemon, peeled and seeded
6 cups Ice Cubes
Margarita Salt
2-3 Oz Chambord

1. Take a slice of the orange and rub the rim of each glass. Press the rim of each glass into the margarita salt. Set aside.

2. Add first 6 ingredients to a high powered blender. Blend on high speed for 20-30 seconds until the fruit has blended. Add the ice and blend once more until the mixture is completely blended and smooth.

3. Pour the margarita into the prepared glasses. Top each glass with one ounce of chambord. Lightly stir and serve immediately.

Adapted from Vitamix

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