Try the World Box Review + Jabuticaba Caipirinha

Try the World Brazil

I recently had the opportunity to review the Brazil box from a great company called Try the World for 37 cooks. I thought that I would also share the box here with y’all. Head over to 37 cooks for my guava cheese ice cream recipe it is super delicious!

Try the World is a subscription box that you can receive monthly or bimonthly. Every box features artisanal products from a specific country. The box arrives with a handy little card that tells you about the items in your box where they originate and some suggested ways to use the items. I received the Brazil Box to review. Try the World also has an online magazine in which they feature additional recipes and tips to plan a party using the box that you received. They also have a playlist on Spotify that correlates to the country of the box you received, perfect to set the atmosphere while you cook or have a party. Churrasco (BBQ) is something that Brazil is well known for and there are several items in this box to throw a great churrasco party. These are the items that arrived in my Brazil box.

Churrasco Sauce: A BBQ sauce from an acclaimed restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Suggested uses include spreading it on pizza dough or adding it to a sandwich.

Parana Coffee Grounds: A single origin coffee bean from the Parana region. The roasting process leaves it with caramel and hazelnut flavor. I can’t wait to make iced coffee. It can also be added to baked goods.

Churrasco Spice Mix: A dry rub or seasoning for a BBQ. This mixture includes garlic, onion, paprika, parsley, thyme, rosemary, and turmeric among others.

Try the World Brazil Smoked Churrasco Spice Ribs

My husband smoked ribs using the rub – they were a huge hit. He added a little brown sugar and salt to the rub.

Jabuticaba Jam: A black berry that is unique to Brazil made into jam, I love that this jam is made with a small amount of sugar. It can be mixed into yogurt, added to thumbprint cookies or a caipirinha (I will be making those often!).

Pao De Queijo Mix: Brazilian cheese bread mix. The bread is crunchy on the outside and doughy and cheesy in the center it is a breakfast and snack food in Brazil.

Brazil Nut Cookies: These cookies are sweet, crunchy and completely addicting. I may have wanted to hide them from my kids, but I was nice and shared. They did not last long.

Goiabada: is guava paste. Suggested uses include melting it into a meat glaze or serve with a semi soft cow’s milk cheese. I like to melt it with butter into a glaze for carrots or make guava cheese turnovers.

Try the World Brazil Guava Cheese Ice Cream

Head over to 37 cooks to get my guava cheese ice cream recipe!

Brazilian Nuts Spread: This is a mixture of three nuts; peanut, cashew and baru. Baru nuts are native to Brazil and contain over 25% protein! Suggested uses include a PB&J or sliced apples. I used it on banana slices with a little melted chocolate and froze them for a nice little snack.

Try the World Brazil Caipirinha

Jabuticaba Caipirinha
Serves 2
These were super good and I am now on the hunt to find Jabuticaba jam. I am planning to make a virgin version for my kids this week.

1 Lime, cut into Wedges
4 Mint Sprigs
4 teaspoons Jabuticaba Jam
2 teaspoons Sugar
4 oz Cachaca
2 Cups Ice

1. Divide the lime, mint, jam and sugar between two glasses and muddle. A wooden spoon works great if you do not have a muddler. At this point you can strain it although I tend to skip that step!

2. Add the Cachaca and ice and serve with a straw. Enjoy and repeat!

Recipe Slightly adapted from Try the World Brazil Box

I received try the world box for my honest review.

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