Cilantro Lime Rice with a Hidden Vegetable

Cilantro Lime Rice with a hidden vegetable, instant pot
I have been making a version of Chipotles cilantro lime rice for many many years. It has always been one of my go to side dishes for Mexican food. I make some type of Mexican food at least once a week, so we eat a lot of it. I am sure you have seen the nachos, lentil taco filling, hatch chile dressing, margarita and others on my blog. Continue reading →

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Try the World Box Review + Jabuticaba Caipirinha

Try the World Brazil

I recently had the opportunity to review the Brazil box from a great company called Try the World for 37 cooks. I thought that I would also share the box here with y’all. Head over to 37 cooks for my guava cheese ice cream recipe it is super delicious!

Try the World is a subscription box that you can receive monthly or bimonthly. Every box features artisanal products from a specific country. The box arrives with a handy little card that tells you about the items in your box where they originate and some suggested ways to use the items. Continue reading →

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Blueberry Blood Orange Baked Oatmeal

Baked Blueberry Blood Orange Oatmeal

I make oatmeal at least twice a month, usually more often. It makes a great breakfast and we always have leftovers for a morning or two. We enjoy baked oatmeal with fruit in it, I love that it is a one dish breakfast that has both a fruit and a whole grain. I prefer making baked oatmeal on Sunday mornings when we are not rushed, the girls love to help mix and we have time to relax while the oatmeal bakes. And I know that I have Monday morning breakfast made! It makes the start to the week a little easier. Continue reading →

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Quinoa Pilaf with Cranberry and Cashew

Quinoa pilaf with cranberry and cashew
I love quinoa and make it often. Thankfully my family enjoys it also. It took forever for our dog to like it. When you have young children food invariably ends up on the floor. Rice and quinoa were always the two that were spilled the most in our house, and no matter how it was seasoned the dog turned her nose up at it. When it is wet it isn’t exactly easy to sweep up, so I dreaded picking it up. Continue reading →

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Blueberry, Banana and Cardamom Muffins

Blueberry-banana-cardamom muffins

When you have a bunch of bananas that are screaming to be used what do you do? I always turn to one of our favorite banana bread recipes from Cooks Illustrated ~ Ultimate Banana Bread. I make the banana bread often but I make these muffins even more frequently. My kids love having something easy to grab in the morning and they are easy to freeze and pull out one at a time. If you have kids, like I do, they always want something different from each other at breakfast time. Especially if we are in a hurry. One will want a muffin, one a waffle. As long as I have a few of either in the freezer it makes early school mornings much simpler. Continue reading →

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