Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese

Three Cheese Macaroni and Cheese in the Pressure Cooker
My oldest LOVES macaroni and cheese so as you can imagine I have made a ton of recipes over the years. I am constantly trying out new ones because you can never have too many, right?! Some are never made again and some like this one end up in the rotation along with this healthier version. Continue reading →

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Orange-Mascarpone Pasta

Orange-Mascarpone Pasta with figs and crispy pancetta

My husband and I went out to dinner before Christmas at an Italian restaurant. The menu had quite a few good options. One dish that caught my eye was a pasta that had mascarpone cheese, figs, orange, prosciutto and the deal breaker – goat cheese. That is one cheese that I just can not eat, as soon as I see it in a dish on a menu the dish is instantly out of the running. We ended up getting their special for the night, it was a perfect choice our pizza was delicious. I would happily return for the pizza and our calamari starter again. Continue reading →

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Blue Cheese Asparagus Pasta

Blue Cheese Asparagus Pasta ~ Pressure Cooker
Looks good right? What if I tell you that it would only take about 20 minutes from start to finish?! Granted I didn’t time making it. I wish that I had, it might have been quicker. My six year old was helping cook so we were not moving fast or attempting to be quick yet we succeeded. I have been sick and not feeling like cooking, but I have a refrigerator full of vegetables and kids that like to eat. Go figure right?! I could have ordered a pizza, but I knew that I could make something much healthier in a fraction of the time. Plus I had a helper, so what could be better. Good conversation and preparing a meal. This is what I want my kids to remember – It isn’t just a chore, cooking is love. Continue reading →

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Creamy Healthy 4 Minute Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese

My family loves macaroni and cheese it is a dish that is requested at least once a month. I am always trying new recipes but I always come back to this one. I made the ultra creamy stove top Macaroni and cheese from this book the last time I made Macaroni and Cheese, and while it was delicious it was insanely rich and made a ton. Continue reading →

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