Rye Caraway Bread for St. Patrick’s Day

With St. Patrick’s Day just over a week away I have fun corned beef recipes lined up this week and a few green recipes for next week. You can’t have a good corned beef sandwich without good rye bread so this is the bread to make. I have made several rye bread recipes and this one is really delicious and it is fuss free, as far as homemade bread goes. It is a super simple bread recipe with just a few steps yielding a great depth of flavor. I have loved The Homemade Kitchen since the first time I opened the book. We’ve enjoyed the Chocolate syrup, and cinnamon swirl bread along with the rye bread. I can’t wait to try the roasted salmon with yummy sauce. You will want this bread for my next post! So read up and have a baking day. You have one weekend left before St. Patrick’s Day maybe one of those days will turn into a baking day?

Caraway Rye Bread

You would never know that this bread was previously frozen!

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