About Me

Hello, my name is Lindsay. For as long as I can remember I have loved to cook. I grew up with parents that loved to cook ~ very different things. My mom was a vegetarian while my dad was a carnivore. I learned early on how to love both types of food. For the most part my parents cooked with whole-foods before it was popular as it was much cheaper. For a time we even had a garden. It has shaped the way that I cook today. I remember getting cases of fruit and canning it (now I freeze it!). Making Christmas cookies for days to give to friends and neighbors. A tradition that I keep going with my own children.

I spent my childhood in California and Montana and my early adult years in Germany, and Savannah Ga. Now I am living in the Midwest. With my husbands job we move fairly frequently and we pick up favorite meals from where we have lived & traveled. My cooking style is very eclectic. I love to travel and having spent time living abroad it has shaped the way that I cook. I love being able to create a meal that is more than food ~ I love that it can transport you somewhere else. I also tend to cook healthy meals for my family HOWEVER I believe that you can have just about anything in moderation and I love a good comfort meal.

Having two young children means that I want to provide healthy delicious meals yet not spend all day in the kitchen. There are many days that I am rushed. I also have days that I can spend HOURS in the kitchen so you will see recipes that fit into both categories.

*I use an electric pressure cooker for all of my pressure cooker recipes.*

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